Thursday, April 8, 2010

I've got a lot of catching up to do!!

Hello friends and family. Sorry it's been so long since I've updated the blog. It's stressful keeping a blog. I have been so busy, what with Young Womens, Senior projects, family gatherings and holidays, who has TIME to blog!! Each day I worry that I'm not blogging and it makes me a nervous wreck. I am a MESS! Hopefully I can catch up and write this all down in condensed form. See, that is another problem I have with blogging. I am so into detail that I tend to want to make each entry a novel. Knowing I don't have time for that, I put blogging off for another day, hoping that one day I'll have the time to write all the details. Well, I
am turning over a new leaf, I am going to be brief and to the point. Hopefully the pictures that get posted will say enough. The last post was in Feb. A few highlights since then have been...Chantelle, Riley, and Payton's trip up to visit us here on the Funny Farm for 4 days. We had a great time. Payton is such a sweet little girl. She is the spitting image of her mom. It was great having some bonding time with her since we haven't seen her as much as we would like. Riley was just as funny as ever. For the first little while we got the "stare down" treatment but then after that, things were cool. She is the funniest little girl. She has quite a sense of humor. She had us all laughing quite a few times. My favorite is when she got mad at Chantelle and Katelyn because they weren't letting her do something up stairs with them. She came downstairs quite put out. She came to me and said," Mima, those little girls up there aren't being nice to me, will you go up and spank them?" It made me laugh, it was so cute how she called them "those little girls." Of course I couldn't let justice go unpunished, so to her delight, I ran upstairs with the wooden spoon and tapped those two little girls on their tooshies. Riley thought that was awesome!! She delighted me several times when she would come up to me and look right into my eyes and with great sincerety tell me that she loved me and that I was her best friend. Oh how those grandkids can melt your heart. And of course it was wonderful to have our sweet Chant with us. Tyler was working on his Paramedic Schooling and so the girls had made the trip without him. It was sooo good to visit with my daughter. What a joy she is. She had brought a dance workout video with her, so we were shakin our bootie and getting some great exercise in, just like the old days. It's so much funner to have someone along side you while being tortured during those grueling workouts. And of course Chantelle spiffed me and Kate up with a a cut and color session. It's always nice to get those few gray hairs covered up to make a gal feel brand new. You are always so good to keep us stylin Chant. We love and appreciate you. Well, there you have it in a nut shell. We had a great time with the Nelson girls Feb. 18th through the 21st. We loved having them. Moving right along.......

Chantelle is working her "magic" on me!!!Aunt Katelyn and Riley...What purty girlsPaytey and Uncle ChasePoor Payton, stuck with those crazin raisins!!!
Fish Faces!!!Tweety Bird and Aunt Chelsea

Chelsea has been working hard on her cooking skills these last few months as she works to complete her Senior project, due on April 28th. She has been exercising, eating balanced meals, and cooking healthy recipes. She has especially enjoyed the cooking part of it. She does really well at it too. She even "looks" the part of a good cook since Hayley and Caleb gave her a new apron for her birthday. Hayley made it for her and it is so cute. She loves wearing it while she cooks. We have been making quite a few dishes with lots of veggies in them. She's becoming a real "vegetable person" She is doing awesome. Keep up the good work Chels. Katelyn is likewise working on her Senior Project. She got some really good photographs of some of the neices and nephews last time we were down. She is working hard to figure out this computer photo editing program and is doing some great things with it. I can't wait to see when she gets her photo portfolio done. I think she has a talent for this kind of stuff. I hope she will pursue it after high school, we could use a good photographer in the family. Go Katelyn go!!! Chelsea loves to cook, She is becoming quite the chef!!!
One of our favorite recipes...."Vegetable Wraps

I had a WONDERFUL week with my mother when the Bells went to Disneyland for the week. Mimi called me a few days before and said ,"hey why don't you run away for a week and come stay with me. Well I very well couldn't pass up an offer like that. It's been years since we have had time together just me and her. So I packed my bags and my good husband brought me down on Wed. morning March 3rd and I got to stay with her until Sat. the 6th of March. Of course the kids at home weren't happy about my getting to go down to Utah to spend some R&R, but I was tough and went down anyway. It was the best thing I could have done. It was soooo relaxing. Me and Mimi just laughed and visited, read books, ate good food, slept in, went to a movie, (she hadn't seen Blind Side yet), laughed and talked some more, watched some tv, talked with my brother Mike, etc., etc.! It was so awesome. I was able to totally relax. I felt like a young girl at home again. No worries or cares. Those 4 days were a gift to share with my beloved Mom. She is the best gal around and I can't describe in words how much I love her, appreciate her, and enjoy her company. I was going to mention that on March 3rd, when Joe brought me down, we had the fun of going to eat at a Mongolian Buffet over in Springville with Mimi, Cody, Hanna, Camdon, Joe , and myself. I had never had that kind of food before. It was very tasty. It was fun going with the Cody Hopkinson family too. We had a great visit with them. Then..... Me and Mimi had the pleasure of going out to eat with Jake and Melanie the next night (Thursday the 4th). We went to the Applebee's, which is always nummy. Poor Mimi, she had to guard her plate of food from Jake and me. She is not the fastest eater and when me and Jake had finished eating our food, we thought her food looked good too and tried to help her finish it, she had to hold us off with her fork. It was pretty funny. Mimi did give us a scare though. She had waited too long to eat and her diabetes was giving her trouble. We thought she was going to pass out before we got her to a booth. Thankfully the manager hurried and brought her a glass of milk and it helped her. She was looking like a ghost there for a little while. Nevertheless we had a great time. Jake and Mel are so fun to be with, not to mention generous. They ended up treating us to our meal. Thanks again you kids for spoiling us. The good eating didn't stop there though. On Friday night Mimi took me to her favorite place, "Red Robin" and treated me to some delicious Fish-n-Chips. Boy how I got the Royal treatment, it was amazing and I was very very appreciative.
On Saturday the 6th, Caleb invited all our family to a surprise party for Hayley. It wasn't her b-day until the 10th, but he wanted us to get together while I was down. Dad and the kids came down from Idaho to celebrate too. It was so fun surprising Hayley. We had the party at Mimi's and everyone hid their cars. Caleb told Hayley that me and Mimi were going out to dinner with them. Everyone was hiding and when she walked in everyone jumped out and said "SURPRISE",she was so shocked. We really took her by surprise, it was great. Caleb bought pizza for everyone and me and Mimi supplied the cake and ice cream. We took turns playing the "wii" fitness and it was a blast. It was another great time for our family. My trip came to a close that evening as my family whisked me back to Idaho and reality. It was hard to face responsibilities again, but I was with my best buddy, my Joe, and I knew with his help and the Lords, I could get back in the saddle again. It sure was fun being lazy while it lasted though

The Cody Hopkinson's, Dad, Mimi and me went to a yummy Mongolian Buffet!!Camdon is ready to eat!!!Me and my mom!!!A spring snowstorm decided to make an appearance while I was down visiting. Jacob and Melanie treated me and Mimi to a nice dinner at Applebee's, Thanks kiddo's!Me and the MimersJake and Melanie make a lovely couple.Isn 't she a cute birthday girl!Happy birthday Hayley!!Everyone.....Funny Face!!!!!Aunt Kate and Uncle Chance had been running down the hallway scaring the kids. They loved it!!

The kids love Uncle Caleb!!
Next big event was Chelsea's 19th birthday on March 17th. Our little leprachaun baby is growing up! What made it fun was Coders, Hanna, Camdon, Caleb and Hayley made it up the celebrate with us. Infact, they stayed the rest of the week because the boys were on their spring break from school (but we'll get to that later). Chelsea was so happy that they had come. We had the house all decked out in St. Patricks Day decorations that added to the festive mood. That night we had an all green dinner, which is always fun, opening presents, and cake and ice cream to top things off. Grandma, Aunt Gisele, and Jeffery all came over and joined the celebration as well. Hope your 19th year is a great one for you Chels. We love you!!!

Cody and Camdon waiting for the party to start
St. Patricks Day Birthday Girl...Chelsea Christine Childers

Everyone say CHEEEEEEESE!!Chelsea's shamrock cake for our 19 year old leprachaun
Chelsea tries on her new apron from Hayley and Caleb. Hayley made it for her. Hayley is our very own little Martha Stewart.

There's insanity in the air!
Chelsea, Hayley, and Caleb cooking up a storm for us.
Part of the party crew

Gisele and Jeff join the party!

Chase sliding in on the picture, real cute kid!!!


As I mentioned, Cody, Hanna, Camdon, Caleb and Hayley spent the rest of the week with us. Wehad a great time having some one on one time with Camdon. As most of you know, Camdon is pretty attached to his mom and dad, so when they are around it's hard to have some one on one with him. Cody and Hanna had some shopping to do in Logan and left Camdon so we could have some time holding and snuggling him (he's an awesome snuggler) Mom and Dad snuck out and we ,( mima and papa), had 3 or 4 hours with him all to ourselves (the kids were in school) It was great. We played, read books, sang songs and best of all snuggled. It's the kind of time that grandma's love. He was our buddy until mom and dad came home and then he loved us from the safety of his parents arms. What a funny boy he is. He sure is a sweet ,tender-hearted little boy, not to mention handsome as can be. For the rest of the week we all spent time visiting, doing some running ( the kids are training for a marathon this summer,) ate good food (thanks to Caleb, Hayley, Hanna, and of course, the Master Chef, Joe, we watched videos and had a GREAT TIME at the Fun Park in Logan where we bowled, ate pizza, and rollerbladed. Boy, were we all awesome. We had the best time. Stephanie Sharp, Chase's girlfriend joined us as well and got another first-hand experience of how crazy this bunch can get, especially when they get together. After our great time at the Fun Park, we topped the evening off with going out to The Black Pearl - China Bistro. It's me and Joe's new favorite chinese restaurant. We wanted to treat everyone, so we took them there. It was good. The Sesame Chicken is to die for! By the end of the week we were satisfied with the quality time we had spent together. How blessed we are to love being with each other. It's time like these that heaven is on earth for me. I love our family members (which includes our in-laws) so very much!! I am a blessed woman, no doubt about it. My greatest blessing is my dear husband, my very best buddy!! What would I be with out his love and help. Love you darlin!!Chance was the "top bowler" out of all of us with a score of 120
Hanna has some real concentration going
Could they be related???

Cody and Chelsea ready to bust their moves! What a group this is!!!!


The most recent grand experience, was the arrival of Attylee Marie Hopkinson, born on March 29, 2010. (I might add Atty shares the same birthday with her Aunt Melanie). She was born at I believe, 2:55 p.m. or close to it. She weighed 6 lbs. 14 oz. (her dad weighed 6 lbs. 15 oz. when he was born.) She was so cute. Britt and Trav said that when she was born, she only cried a little bit when she came out. For the most part she was awake and just looking around at everyone, so calm. When we got there an hour later ,she was still calmly looking around at her new family members. Trav said that's how she still is, pretty content, unless she is hungry, and then she'll let you know about it. Her big sister, Brynlee, is very happy about her too. So far she is a good little helper. Travis and Britt have tried hard to make Bryn feel included in everything and she is doing great!!!! You two done good, Travis and Brittany. You have two BEAUTIFUL little girls. Can't wait to see if Atty is as much fun as Brynee!! Thanks for two wonderful little granddaughters!!
Attylee Marie Hopkinson... our 8th grandbaby. She's a keeper!!


Last week was Preston Schools Spring Break, and of course, everyone wanted to head down to Utah to see the family. Everyone had their own plans. On Monday March 29th ,we all stayed together to welcome Attylee into the family. We stayed at the Bevan's that night and enjoyed being together there. I might add, Chases's Stephanie came down with us for the week too, (she is a glutten for punishment, hahaha) By Tuesday, we were going in all different directions. Dad had to go back to Idaho and work until Friday, Me and Chelsea went to stay with Mimi and the Bells, Katelyn was staying at Chantelle's, and Chase, Steph, and Chance stayed with Holly and Kris. Even though we were spread out, we had a great time where we stayed and at the end of the week; the whole family got together at Mimi's house for a family Easter party. A few of the highlights for each of us during our week was... Chase, Steph, and Chance had fun bowling and playing at the video arcades for one of the days, and for April Fool's Day, with the help of Holly and Kris, along with Tyler who was in on it, they played a trick on Chantelle and came in the middle of the night and took Riley out of her bed and took her to Holly's house for the rest of the night. When Chant went in in the morning to check on Riley she got real nervous for a moment until she saw her phone on the bed with a text message from Tyler that said "don't call the police" After that ,she remembered it was April Fool's day and settled down. Those meanies, I would have strung them up if it were me. They thought it was a great Katelyn had fun with the Nelson's. Chant took her shopping and Kate got herself some cute things. That's always fun for a girl. For the most part Chant helped Katelyn take pictures of Riley and Payton in different outfits and settings for Katelyns senior project on photography that she is doing. Kate got some really great pictures. Her and Chant seemed to have a good time working on that together. Katelyn sure loves her sisters. She always has such a dilemma of where to stay when she comes down because she loves being with both Chant and Holly, so she just has to take turns. She sure loves them and they all seem to have such a great time together.
Me and Chelsea had a wonderful time with Mimi and the Bells. We actually spent quite a bit of time exercising while we were there. Jill had invited me down months ago to try this new aerobic dance class called "Zoomba". I guess it's the newest big exercise craze. So we went to Zoomba, we worked on the Jillian Michaels killer workout on some days and we went to Jills personal trainer at the gymn and worked on some leg and ab workouts. Boy, were we sore by the end of the week. But it was a great kind of sore, so it was worth it! We also got in some shopping, good food, and a movie. We went and saw "The Last Song" which was sad but good. One of the highlights for me though was interacting with my neice and nephew, Kate and Jack. What cute little kids they are. Kate is close to walking and likes to get around and she talks and talks baby talk. She is quite a happy little soul and she loves to smile. I couldn't get enough of her sweet smile. Then there is Jack, he was my buddy. He is so fun to play with. He has quite an imagination and he likes to use it. We played pirates quite a bit. I was the 1st Mate Christine Pirate, Kate was 2nd mate Kate, and he was Cap'n Jack. Boy did we have a great time.
It was so neat to spend time with them and do some bonding. Unfortunately Katelyn had my camera for most of the week and I wasn't able to get pictures of them until Sat. Matt and Jill were very generous and we appreciate both Mimi and them for sharing their "space" with us. Both me and Chels enjoyed being there with them. Thanks Guys!!
Then there was poor pitiful, Dad, who had to spend time working up in Idaho for the week. He sounded pretty bored when I would call. The worst thing was the nasty weather we had all week and so he couldn't even work outside. Poor dad. Thanks for letting us go down Dad. You are a trooper.
(No photo's available, Katelyn had the camera)

Last entry and I should be caught up. On Saturday April 3rd we had our family Easter party at Mimi's. Happily, everyone of my children and grandchildren were there. How cool is that!!! Even Travis and Brittany brought the girls down even though Atty was less than a week old. We had a delicious lunch of hoagie sandwiches, all kinds of salads, fruit, and desserts. It was delicious!! Thanks Mimi and the Bells for all the time and money you put into it. Everyone seemed to get filled. Uncle Mike, Rusty and her 3 little girls were there, Bobby Kay and her 2 kids and Casey was there. It was so great to see all of them. They are such great people. I have a special place in my heart for those Bartlett Kids, as well as for my brother Mike!! Things are even better when all those guys are with us too. We have had some pretty wonderful times over the years.
After dinner, Jill and Matt had a treasure hunt for the little kids. Jill would show them different clues that sent them all over the yard. It was so funny watching them all run in a herd from one place to another. Brynlee was especially excited. She kept yelling, "a treasure hunt, a treasure hunt," to everyone she ran by. It was so fun to see her enthusiasm. When they found the treasure they were excited to see that it was "blowing bubbles" for everyone and new sunglasses. We took a picture of all of them in their sunglasses and with their bubbles. It almost made me cry as I looked at "another generation" of children participating in Easter activities. It doesn't seem too long ago that my children were all little like that. For that matter, it seems like only yesterday that I was a young child doing the same. Oh how time marches on. We must savor every moment with our families. Right after the treasure hunt, we had the candy hunt. The adults got to go out and hide the candy while Casey corraled the kids in the house. I had to smile at Caleb's comment while we were busy hiding candy; he said, "I thought it was fun finding the candy when I was a little kid, but this is even funner." It's true, each phase of growing up has it's joys. There was a special feeling hiding candy with my older children,the Bartlett girls, my sister and my mom. That feeling of knowing life was moving on and yet we were all still the best of friends, enjoying this new phase of adulthood together. The candy hunt was a success! The kids were happy and excited and us adults basked in the joy of taking it all in. It was another happy, precious time together, a time that I will store away and pull it out on ocassion and be grateful to be associated with some of the finest people there ever was or will be in my eyes. I love you all so very much. You "light up my life"!!

It's springtime and time to hit the sand!!
Like father, like son...So dang handsome!!!!
Now this is a mottely crew..mercy, whose kids are those anyway

Stephanie and Chase (he's sportin his new doo, thanks to Holly

It's 5 days old Attylee Marie. She gets cuter and cuter!

All the kids in their new shades and new bubbles that they found on the treasure hunt
Brynlee showing me her Easter Duck basket that her mom Brittany made for her.

Burton is lookin pretty sharp in his Easter duds!!

Holly with her sweet babies!
The Bell family after the candy hunt!!
Chantelle and Riley girl.Good ol' Mimers, what would we do without her!
Three cute blondies
Three cute ????????? NOT!!!
Mima with her newest grandbaby, what a precious treasure!!
Well folks, I did it! I got us all caught up. Are you still awake? I appreciate the time to write about these great family moments. After all, that's what life SHOULD be about...FAMILY! I'll try to do better so that there is not so much to read at one time. I can't gurantee it though. Thanks for hanging in there with me!!! Make it a good day!!

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