Monday, January 25, 2010

This is a test!!

Hi all you bloggers! This is my first attempt to blog unassisted. You have to keep in mind that I am a computer numbskull and I really struggle to pick up on all this "happenin stuff!" I'm making a good effort though, so bear with me as I make my way through it. Hopefully I'll be a "master blogger" someday like the rest of you. Thanks to Hailey, she got me started down the blogging path.

Yesterday, (Sunday January 24th) was Grandma Childers 79th birthday. Me, Joe and the kids, along with Aunt Gisele, Jeffery, Uncle Steve, and Aunt Raquel, had dinner over at Grandma's. It was so dang good!! Dad made his ever delicious "Chicken Curry" and his wicked mango pineapple drink, Gisele made some lipsmackin funeral potatoes and green salad, Aunt Raquel made some of her famous rolls, and a delicious, moist carrot cake, and Jeffery tried his hand at baking an apple pie. He did a pretty good job. For some reason it was a little runny and after dad was done eating it, he thanked Jeffery for the pie soup! Very funny dad!!! Hats off to you Jeff for your efforts. We all had a really good time and laughed alot. We hope Gram enjoyed her special day. We sure love her. She brings alot of joy to our lives!!

On friday night we had a surprise. We heard a knock at the door and opened it to see a carrier seat with a blanket over it. When we peeked under the blanket, there was our little Avery Bevans. Holly came busting through the other door saying, "Surprise!" Surprised we were. The Bevans were only able to stay until Saturday afternoon, but it was fun to see them and those cute little Bevan grankids. Are they ever a Treat!! Oh, how we love ALL our grandchildren!! We had a great weekend. Nothing like spending it with people you love and enjoy being around.

Today is a very special day as well, it's my dad's 75th birthday. As always, I wish he was still alive so that we could celebrate with him. I love my dad so much and still continue to miss him. Thanks to my sweet mom and her precious Christmas gift, I enjoy seeing my dad everyday as I look at the "perfect picture" taken of him that I have sitting in our front room For anyone who ever knew my dad, you would have to admit that the the picture I have of him is SO "Roy Bartlett." It's as if he is right there in the room. I love waking up to see him and saying goodnight at the end of another day. How blessed I am to be his daughter and his influence will forever be felt in my existence throughout the eternities. Thanks dad, I love you, and Happy Birthday!!!!!

Well fellow readers, how did I do! I hope my blog isn't too long. I guess blogs aren't suppose to be novels,huh? Keep it short and sweet, I'll work on that!!! Until next blog, reach out to someone today and make a difference.


  1. I thought your first post was perfect. Especially the part about daddy. I, too, feel honored to be his daughter and also feel his presence when looking at his picture.

    I am glad you are blogging and although I would rather see you everyday, I am grateful that I can keep in touch with you this way. I always ask mom how you are doing, but she pretty much forgets what you guys talk about as soon as she hangs up the phone.

    Anyway, we love you...ALL of you!

  2. Oh you guys...aren't you the best. I am finally adding your blog to ours. Sorry it took me so long.