Friday, February 12, 2010

Masquerade Ball

"The Masked Marauders"
Stephanie Sharp, (Chase's girl),Chase, and Chance

Chase sweeps Steph off her feet

Aren't they cute together!!!

Chase was voted as the sophomore "Prince" for the dance!
Last Saturday night, (Feb. 6th), Preston High had a Masquerade Ball for their students. It was a stag dance; so Katelyn, Chase, and even Chance got to go. It was a formal affair and everyone had to wear a mask. We tried talking Chelsea into going but she said "No thank you, I'm not a dance person, it's my body," so that was that!! The few days before the dance was spent decorating their masks. On the night of the ball the kids got all spiffed up and off they went. Unfortunately Katelyn and Chase got ready at friends houses and we didn't get to see them until after the dance. We were able to take Chase, Stephanie, (Chase's cute little girlfriend,) and Chance's picture after they came back to the house. Katelyn came home after they did and didn't want her picture taken, (she is such a party pooper,) so you don't get to see how cute she looked. From the sounds of it, they had a great time. Apparently Chase was the life of the party and whooping it up in the style of his big brothers. In the past, Stephanie hasn't really enjoyed dances, but Chase told her that if she was with him, she had to have a good time, and Chase did his best to show her a good time, he had her movin and groovin. She had to admit that she had a GREAT time. Katelyn was cuttin loose as well, especially when they played "Footloose." Footloose is a family tradition and none of us can help shakin it when we hear that song. Katelyn and Chase did the family proud and really busted loose when they played it. Chance was a little bit nervous with it being his first High School dance and all, but he did all right on his own because one of the school cheerleaders asked him to dance. Such a "stud muffin". I was proud of him that he went. I was also proud of Chase that he was voted sophomore "Prince" at the dance. You heard it folks, we have royalty in the house. Needless to say, the night was a success and great memories were made.


  1. You need to post the pictures! I want to see them! And tell that bum Kaitlin that she NEEDS to let you take pictures of her so that I can see them and feel like I am a part of what is going on...or else!

  2. I agree with Hanna!!!

  3. Oh hanna! first of all ya spelled my name wrong! haha and second of all grow up! haha just kiddin.. i do have pics of me but they were from my friends cell phone so i don't know how to put them on the comp. so if ya know how tell me and then i will put them up just for you!

  4. sorry, thats how my niece spells it...bad habit. it WONT happen again. i'll be waiting for your picture.