Monday, February 28, 2011

Hold the phone..I'm attempting to catch up

Hello family and friends. No, I haven't fallen off the planet. I realize it's been awhile since I've blogged but I don't want to give up on it so I'm going to give it another shot. I've tried to catch up for December and January in this first go around. Enjoy.... while I work on February and March.
Me and the girls were down in January to help Mimi. We got to spend alot of fun time with the Bells. We were having a sleepover at Mimi's with Jill and the kids

The Bell kids are out..that is except for baby Ella Marvin and Viva Bird invited us to come eat some pizza with them while Me, Kate and Chels were down visiting Mimi in January 2011. They showed us old video tapes of their family and Mimi and Papa's family when they were young. Marvin and Viva were Mimi and Papa's best friends

Marvin munchin on Viva...What a tease!!!
We all had a great time at Marvin and Viva's house

Uncle Ken was keeping Jack and Kate busy while Aunt Barbara was talking geneology with Mimi, Mom, Jill, Chelsea and Katelyn.

Aunt Barbara was sharing pictures from the Smith side of the family. I was loving it!! Chelsea reading Kate a story at Aunt Barbara's house

Jill with her beautiful Ella Bella. Mimi took us all out to lunch at her favorite place, "Red Robin"

Kate is enjoying her lemonade at Red Robin
Jack is just happy to be here
Big Kate...Little Kate...Buddies!
Katelyn was a great help with the scrapbooking forMimi
Nice view mom!!! NOT!
My back is killing me with all this bending over
Don't bug me, I'm concentrating
Trying to get Mimi's Photo's in order so we can put them in photo albums!

Looks like Jack got to lick the brownie beaters
Katelyn and Jack clownin around in the mirror
Lil' Kate gets a chance at pulling faces with Katelyn too.
Jill with her kiddos, Kate and Jack, after their bath. Don't they look cute in their"Manatee" Pj's.

We went to the dollar movie to see "Secretariat" (Thanks to Caleb and Hayley.) Chelsea, Me and Mimers are excited for the show.

Caleb, Hayley and the "Weasil"
Hayley and Mimi pause for a picture
Our group went to "Burger Supreme" for lunch after the temple.
The Bartlett side supporters!!! The whole group who attended Rusty's special temple endowment - January 8, 2011 at the Provo Temple.

Caleb, Hayley, Hanna, and Cody were able to make it to the temple for Rusty's endowment

Rusty with Dad Michael Schulske and her mom Jeneace
The family all gathered together....... Jill and Matt's house for a surprise going away party for Jake and Melanie who were moving to Dubuque, Iowa. The party was held on Tuesday January 4, 2011

Melanie and Jake with their "Mickey and Minnie Guests of Honor Badges"

Travis, Brittany and the girls Brynlee and Attylee say their goodbyes to Jake and Melanie

Brothers...gotta love it!! Travis and Jake
The Nelson family with the "couple of honor"
Who's "dee" boys are these anyway?
Holly and Jake....real cute kids
Matt and Jake dazzle us with their good looks...NOT!
Tyler has never looked better
"The Girls"Front row: Avry, Macie, and Payton Second row: Katelyn, Holly, Melanie, Chantelle, Chelsea, and Mimi Back row: Me, Kate, Jill, Ellla, and Hanna

Can't help lovin the Mimers.
What a "beastly crew" Chelsea, Jake Mel and Katelyn
I sure am going to miss these two when they go to Iowa
Jacob with his Mom Doodles
Me and Melanie
"The Guys"....Kris, Jake, Burton, Tyler, Caleb, Jack and Matt

Jake and Melanie with the kidlets...Ella, Payton, Kate, Avry, Jack, Macie, and Riley

January 2, 2011- Ella's blessing day The little lady of the day..Miss Ella Jane Bell
The Bartlett Sisters...Bobby Kay and Rusty
Caleb and Hayley, enjoying a nice luncheon that the Bells provided for all of us.

Grandma and Grandpa Smith came to support Matt and Jill
Jill sang a beautiful song to her baby daughter at the dinner after the blessing

Proud mom and dad Bell with their little Ella Jane
Andrew's friend Colin Heath escorting Alix down the aisle at Andrew and Leah Jones wedding ceremony on New Years Eve.

Jenny and Jake struttin their stuff down the aisle
Alix is looking lovely tonightJenny is looking splendid too!!

Jake and Melanie. Jake was a Grooms man to Andrew and poor Melanie has a cauliflower growing out of her neck. Ha ha just kidding Mel, we know it's Jakes boutinnere.
Leah and Andrew, the happy couple! OK Melanie, what is that you are drinking? Paul and Alix
Mimi and Me, making our way up the stairs. Hold on Mimi, we're almost there.

The two Christines...Best Friends
The Paul and Chris Jones family. What dear friends they are. Christopher, his wife Julie, Alix, Leah (the bride,) Andrew (the groom,) Christine, Paul and Jennifer.

Things were running a bit late........
We were all starving waiting for the wedding dinner to begin.

The Mimers showing everyone a thing or two about "bustin a move."

The Bride and Groom enjoying some time on the dance floor too.

Jake and Katelyn havin a blast
Jenny Jones getting into it with Jake, Melanie, Katelyn and Chance

The kids are moovin and groovin!
Mimi looks like she is just about partied out. What a great sport you are Mimers!! Happy New Years!

Dad and Chelsea
Jake (alias "Pinnochio") looking pretty terrific with his New Years Eve party hat.

All of us waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin.It actually started pretty late because there was a snowstorm and some of the wedding party couldn't get there because of weather conditions. Pretty crazy!!

Katelyn and Mimi, just before we went to Andrew and Leah Jones wedding ceremony on New Years Eve 2010.

Chelsea and me couldn't resist making a snowman on a snowy winter day. We had lot's of fun together.

Mimi and Cody Boy with his boy, Camdon!

Caleb showing off his and Hayleys new camera. We were all pretty impressed...Lucky!!!

The Bartlett Kids at Mimi's. We all love gathering there even though it's a tight fit sometimes.

Jill and Kate - Merry Christmas you "Bell gals"
Christmas dinner at Mimi's house. She made her famous melt in your mouth ham. Chelsea and Hayley filling their plates while Mimi shows the gift she got from Caleb and Hayley.

The Bevans family in Christmas morning comatose!
Chase with "Cassie", one of the Losee family dogs. Chase thought she was very sweet. We thought she looked like a koala bear or an Ewok.

Hayley is very pleased with the new coat that Caleb gave her

All I want for Christmas is a can of "Pringles"... the Bevans kids loooove "chippies". Avry is ready for a Pringle break!!

Avry is all about trying out her new dry erase board
The Bevans family stayed overnight with us at Caleb and Hayley's house for Christmas. The Bevans kids are checking out what Santa brought them.

Avry and Katelyn making funny faces
Camdon, (Cody and Hanna's son) chattin with "Mima" on Christmas morning

Avry with her new "Moosechievious" pj's that Mima and Papa gave her.

It's Christmas Eve and Burton Bevans is ready to eat
Everyones ready for Christmas Eve "chow" (Thanks to the Losee family we had a lovely setting for our dinner) Jake and Melanie

The table is all set for our Christmas Eve dinner

Holly and Payton dig into Christmas breakfast

Payton is in a daze as she tries to eat her breakfast
Little miss "piggy tails" Payton
Burton pulls Payton in the wagon while Riley and Avry look on
The Nelson "Sisters"...Payton and Riley

The Childers house decorated in all it's Christmas splendor!!

We love Christmas at our house!!!

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly- Falalalalalalalala! Childers Christmas tree for "2010" (Isn't it soooooo cute!!)
Decorations everywhere!!!!!

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