Saturday, April 2, 2011

Catching up February

Well blogging fans, I'm moving right along. Here is February's latest tidbits of info on the residents of the Childers Funny Farm. Stay tuned though, I'm on a roll...March is coming. This first picture is of Joe who is acting as our guinea pig. We were trying to see if this nylon would be big enough to fit on Chance's head (he wasn't there at the time). It was on the list of things Chance would need for the play. We figured we would see if it would fit on Dad's dome piece. He was not too thrilled about it but it sure gave us a good laugh!! Thanks dad you are a good sport. Katelyn took this picture at dusk one evening. Good job Kate..nice picture!
Stephanie brought her cotton candy maker over one night . What a treat!!!
Dad treated us to delicious Chinese food at the "Black Pearl" restaurant after the temple
Caleb and Hayley at the Logan Temple
Dad and Mom Doodles
We tended sweet little Atty Marie while Travis, Brittany and Bryn went ice fishing.
Look at those gorgeous eyes!!
Chase has recruited another massage/head and back scratcher. Go Atty go!!

Relaxing at Mima and Papa's,,,a little napping...some videos..aaaahhhhhh! Caleb and Hayley came to visit in February.
Don't look now Caleb but you are about to be a vampire bait!!
Poor Hayley, she has no idea that a "goof ball" hangs over her.
Chance and Katelyn messing around.....
What lovely children I have!!

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