Friday, February 12, 2010

Grandkids a plenty!!

Avery came up on Sat. afternoon. She didn't get to stay with Mima and Papa like Burton and Macie did. We were so glad to see her on Sat. She is so cute, so happy!
Burton was my little buddy! We had a great time playing together!

Princess Macie loved playing with the castle. Anything to d0 with being a princess, Macie loves it!

Brynee came to stay with us for the first two days
of the week.

Brynee with Uncle Chase. What a doll she is!

We have been having grandkids week this last week. On Monday night, (Feb. 8th), Brynlee Rose came to stay with us until Wed. night. Her daddy had to work and her mom went with Grandma Pam up to Boise to see Brynlee's Aunt Cassidy, so we had the grand opportunity of having her for 2 whole days to ourselves. It was awesome!! What a character that little girl is. She reminds me so much of her daddy when he was her age. Her mannerisms, facial expressions, the way she walks, her loving nature, (she was contstantly hugging and kissing me), her big brown eyes, and right down to the fact that she is a "major tease pot!" Her dad came out of the womb teasing and it looks like she has inherited that same gift! Have fun with that Trav!!! She is such a joy. How wonderful it was to have her in our home again. We have missed seeing her on a regular basis. I'm happy to say that she is still a "mima's girl", she was always wanting me to hold her. Sometimes I'm afraid my grandkids are going to forget me since we don't see them all the time, but she is still my buddy, yea for me!! We had lot's of fun all together, Bryn even got to come bowling with us with the Young Men and Young Women, (we are all in mutual now!). She did awesome, she got a strike and a spare with the help of the kiddie ramp. She loved it!! The mutual kids thought she was pretty cute too!! By Wed. night I was feeling teary-eyed and a bit empty because our time was going to be over. It was sad to see her go for all of us, hopefully it won't be too long before we can see her again!!

On that same Wed. night, not long after Brynee left, Joe came home from Utah with two little stow-aways (I have no clue if that's how you spell it), two of our sweet Bevans kids came up to visit for a few days, Burton and Macie! Fortunately my empty heart didn't stay empty for long because I had two more cute little grandkids to pal around with. We have had a great time too. We have worked on puzzles, played the Candyland Game, colored and did some sticker art, played with the toy castle, gone on safari with the safari animals and lots more. What delightful little kids they are. They have been as good as gold. I gotta say, I've got the best grandkids in the world! I am so blessed! Papa has been in on the fun for the most part too. He loves his grandbabies too. We have fun being grandparents together. He's my very best buddie, I love doing everything with him. Life is good! It's been a great week so far, thanks to our little grandbuddies. Hopefully we'll be able to see the other 4 grandkids soon, we miss them too. Thanks to our kids for doing such a good job in the baby department, keep up the good work!!


  1. Now I feel guilty that Camdon hasn't been there in a while. At least you'll have plenty of time with him when we spend a week at Disneyland. Thats good, right?

  2. i"m looking forward to it Hanna!