Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Weekend

Jake is in his competitive mode while playing the Wii (Can you tell?)
Kris is ready for the challenge
Holly working her magic and giving us girls a boost with a treatment of "glitter toes"

Melanie relaxing with her "babies"

Timber, Dixie, and Charlie, make themselves comfy on the bed. Where are you sleeping Mel and Jake??

The Bevans waiting for their grub at "Wingers"

The "mature" table

The "not so mature" table. Jake is the ring leader.

Another "real cute kid". I wonder if Stephanie knows what she's getting into with that crazy boy. By the way that is not a real tatoo on Chase. He did a little creative work with a pen on himself. Gotta love the phases teenagers go through, ugh!!!

Isn't this a happy table!!

What a fun weekend we had for Valentines. Jake and Melanie along with their 3 "babies" (dogs) came up to visit us on Friday night until early Monday morning. We always have a fun and crazy time when Jake and Mel come up. They really got into playing Chance's Wii game. They were playing Mario Bros. It was pretty funny! On Sat. late afternoon Holly, Kris, and Avry came up to pick up Burton and Macie from their stay at Mima and Papa's. Holly treated all of us girls by giving our toenails the "glitter" treatment. They looked awesome!! We felt pretty stylin. Thanks Holl!! Afterwards around 4 o'clock, Me, Joe, our 4 youngest kids, plus Chase's girlfriend Stephanie, Jake, Mel and all the Bevans headed out for dinner in Logan. Our first attempt was at Texas Roadhouse but it was too busy, so we headed over to Wingers and had a delicious dinner. After stuffing ourseslves, the Bevans headed home for Lehi and the rest of us were off to the movies to see "Valentines Day" There were mixed reviews of how good it was (or not) but nonetheless it was great because we were all together. We ended the night by going home and having ice cream and watching the video, "A Walk in the Clouds" (I love that movie). On Sunday we enjoyed sleeping in because church was in the afternoon. The rest of the day was spent going to church, playing games, eating Valentine treats, etc. etc. It was a good time. It got kind of crazy with the grandkids, our 2 dogs, Jakes 3 dogs, and all the rest of us crammed in our little abode, but that's where the memories are. We truly live on a Funny Farm and we couldn't be happier!! My cup runneth over!!!

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