Monday, May 31, 2010

Brynlee Rose comes to visit

On May 26th, the day before Kate and Chelsea's graduation, Brynlee was up visiting with her Grandma Pam and got to come up and spend some time with us. What a delight that little girl is. She is so darling and so funny. She had us cracking up. When she was here we showed her the baby kittens. She fell in love with the gray kittenBlockquote, Esther. She "mothered" that kitten right up. I was afraid that the kitty might scratch her, but she didn't. Brynee sure had a good time with her.

Brynlee loving up "Esther" the Kitten. What a doll!!Katelyn helping Bryn use the laptop without a mouse. Brynlee is a whiz kid on the computer, it's crazy.Katelyn and Brynlee coloring "My Little Pony"

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