Sunday, May 30, 2010

Katelyn, Chase, and Unity Ball

On May 1, 2010, Katelyn and Chase went to their first Unity Ball. Katelyn went with Bracken Doney and Chase went with Stephanie Sharp. Of course sisters Chantelle and Holly came to the rescue to get Katelyn all glamorized, so them and thier kidlets were up here with them. It was quite an event. Here's some pictures to prove it.
Mr. G.Q.The Bell of the BallAh, ah, ah, ah, stayin alive, stayin alive!What a stud!I must say I have beautiful children!Bracken arrivesThe face of an angel!Thanks to sisters for their expertise. You look EXTRA good Kate!Pin it on good Steph!!The happy coupleRiley girl!!!!My what big eyes you have.........Good ol' Benton!!Avry's having a great time!
Our little Macie girl !!

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