Monday, May 31, 2010

Pre-Graduation Party with the Fam

May 27, 2010 marked the day of Chelsea and Katelyn's High school Graduation. But of course before the actual event we had to have a graduation bash at the house with family. All those in attendance to the pre-bash were: Holly and the kids, Chantelle and the kids, Cody, Hanna and Camdon, Mimi, the Bell family, Gram Childers, Gisele, The Joneses Paul, Chris, Alix and Jenny also made it. Caleb and Hayley made it for the graduation and the after grad bash. We sure appreciated everyones love and support and to all of you who were so generous in your gifts to the girls. We love and appreciate you all. It was a wonderful ocassion and we are very proud of our daughters and their accomplishments. The only problem we had was when poor little Jack got lost for a few minutes after the graduation. It was scary for him, his parents and the rest of us. We sure are glad everything turned out fine thoughLet's get this party started!!!Burton and Jack, pal'n around.Camdon is really looking the situation over!!Attylee Marie came to visit too!Lil' Patey chowin down!!Yo Riley, Whas up!!Aunt Katelyn chillin with RileyThe kids playing with HannaMore of baby Attylee
Riley and Brynlee playing peek a boo from the upstairs windows

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  1. It seems from these pictures that it was an amazing event, especially with so many cute ones around. I get really excited thinking about kids as I’m expecting a baby myself. My mom and sisters threw an amazing baby shower for me at the nearby event space last week. I can’t wait to welcome the new member of our family.