Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mom turns 50

April 19, 2010 was a historical day.. Christine Marie Bartlett Childers turned a half of a century old.. the big 5 0!! I must say that it was a lot more difficult than I ever had expected. I usually LOVE my birthdays but I wasn't so sure that I wanted to have this one. It felt as though I was closing the door on my youth and opening the door to being an old woman. It was a very emotional time for me. Luckily my family tried to smooth the transition by throwing me an "Over the Hill" party...(nice transition hahaha) Holly girl and her little kidlets surprised me that morning by showing up with balloons, decorations, and the famous "Cosco chocolate cake" that I so dearly love!! Holly pampered me that day by doing my make-up for me (she's awesome at it),and she gave me a pedicure and painted my finger and toe nails. Later in the day Cody, Hanna, Camdon, Chantelle, Riley, and Payton came up to join in the festivities. The rest of the kids were working, going to school, etc. and couldn't make it up. I know they would have if they could. I love my kids so much!!! Thanks for helping me get over this huge bump in my life called "50".The birthday crew!!The best part of my birthday.. chocolate cake from Cosco...mmmmm delicious!!!Me modeling my new stylin purse the Bevans gang gave me!! Thanks guys!Two sweet little grandaughters playing with their dolls- (Riley and Macie)Who are those masked women?????Katelyn was answering "YES"to Bracken Doney to go to Unity Ball. She was answering with a poem that Holly and Kris had made up for her. It was pretty rad!!!Could it be a Psychotic, deranged snowman???? Close...... it's Chase!!
The grand finale to my birthday bash.... "Goof balls on Parade" from left to right: Chase,Chance, Holly, Chantelle and Katelyn. Who's goofy kids are they anyway???? (They were actually going with Katelyn to answer Bracken.)

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