Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Easter

It was a quiet Easter this year because it was just me, Joe and the 4 younger kids. Our older kids and the grandkids weren't able to come up this year to Idaho and we weren't able to go down to Utah. Even though it was quieter than usual (As quiet as it can get with Chase) we had a very nice holiday. Stephanie (Chase's girlfriend), Gram Childers and Gisele joined us for an Easter feast. We broke out the turkey, mashed potatoe's and gravy, veggies, and the best raspberry jello in the world, along with deviled eggs. It was scrumptious!! After dinner we had a little program to remember the Savior and what He has done for us and then we watched the movie "The Testaments" that we got new for Easter. I love that movie, it makes me cry everytime. Needless to say it was a very grand "Easter". Hope you all had a grand one as well!

We colored Easter eggs on Easter Eve. That's always fun!!

This is what we found from the Easter Bunny when we woke up on Easter morning. We got 9 new DVD'S from that nice ol'bunny. The kids got new earphones since theirs were barely usable, they were happy about that. And of course, we got lots of delicious treats. Thanks Mr. Bunny!!

We thought the Easter bunny had left the building but there in our kitchen he stood in all his majestic glory...Cute!!

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