Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A week off for mom!!!

On April 8th, Mimi had a scary experience in which she almost slipped into a diabetic coma. Had she not been found when she was, our sweet Mimi probably would not be with us today. It scared us all pretty bad. I decided it was time to take another trip down to Springville and see what I could do to help. I decided to go by myself this time and Chelsea and Katelyn weren't too happy about that, but they were good sports and promised that they would help take care of things at home while I went. I appreciated their support. I must say it was a great break for me. I had Mimi all to myself and us ol'gals just took it easy. What a treat that was for me!!! I stayed for a week and then Joe, the girls and Chance came and picked me up. I must say the kids must have missed me because when they all got out of the car they all jumped on me and gave me hugs, they just about knocked me down. It feels great to be loved. One of the highlights of my week was on that Thursday, Mimi wanted to take me out to a nice place to eat for my birthday that was coming up on Tues. (April 19). So me, Mimi, and Jill had a girls night out and we went to Magelbys to eat. It was an AWESOME meal, one of the best I've had. I ordered the halibut (which was to die for). Mimi ordered the halibut too and loved it!! Jill ordered the Prime Rib that honestly melted in your mouth. She let me have a bite and I can honestly say that that was the best piece of meat I have tasted. It was amazing. We had such a nice time chatting and enjoying good food. The only regret I had though was that I forgot to bring my camera so that we could document the whole event. I am so thankful for a kind generous mom who provided such a wonderful evening. You're the best mom!! Not only did she treat me to a fancy meal but she also bought me some new 501 jeans (my favorite) and some very needed wrinkle repair formula. At my age you take anything you can get to help in the wrinkle department. Thanks Mom...for EVERYTHING. it was a great week!!!

Mimi was relaxing with Ella Jane Bell...isn't she a doll!!!

Camdon, Cody and Hanna came to visit at Mimi's while I was down. Camdon and Kate were having a great time reading books together

Camdon was telling his dad how the story went.

Hanna was looking "ripe". Kyler was expected any day! You go Hanna!!

Camdon was having his daily conversation on the phone with Mima. I love that little man!

While I was down, me and the Mimers got to go see Caleb play softball. Hayley was there of course and we had a great time together. Nothing like a good ball game. The weather had even cooperated and it wasn't too cold. Nice!!!

Jill and the kids came up almost everday to Mimi's and we got to spend some time together. They are such great kids. We enjoyed some time outside together. Kate loves it outside.

Jack was doing a little chalk painting on the driveway. It felt good to be out in some spring weather.

Ella liked being outside too.

Before we left to go back home to Idaho, Mimi decided she needed a priesthood blessing to help her to be able to remember the things she needed to do to keep herself healthy and safe. Fortunately 3 of her grandsons along with Joe were able to assist in giving her a beautiful blessing of comfort and direction. It was special to see the boys using their priesthood to bless the grandma that they all love so deeply. It was really neat!!! pictured left to right: Cody, Chet Bartlett (my nephew) and Caleb!! Good job boys!!

All the guys with Mimi. (Camdon isn't too happy about it.)

Us girls had to get in on a picture with the Mimers too! Chelsea, Hanna (Cody's wife), me, Hayley, (Caleb's wife) and Katelyn

I sure love my mom!!!!

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