Saturday, April 2, 2011

The other half of March Madness at the Childers

Chance's opening night for the school play "Willy Wonka" was on Thursday March 24, 2011. We gave him a big bucket of all sorts of Willy Wonka candy to wish him good luck on his opening night. Chantelle and Riley came up on Wed. the 23rd to see Chance's play and had to leave for home right after the play. We were all spaced out and forgot to take pictures while they were here. Sorry Chant and Riley. We sure appreciated you coming up though. Next time you're up we will get plenty of pic's to make up for it!! The Bevans came up on Friday the 25th to watch the play on Saturday the 26th.
Avry had a grand time on the stairs AND with the light switches!!
Here's our Macie.... full of sugar and spice!!! How can you resist a face like that!!
The big boys were into Big Game Hunting on the Wii. We had to wrestle the controls away from Kris and put him into timeout until he could share the Wii with everyone else. Ha ha
Chance and Burton were all about the DS and the Wii too.
Avry is telling Chase all about the fine points of art!!
Macie and Avry spent lots of time coloring...So did Burton. They are great artists!!
You sure can turn on the charm Avry Meg Bevans!!
Burton is anxiously waiting for Chance's school play,"Willy Wonka" to begin
We're all hoping that Avry will last through the entire play
All of us were waiting to talk to Chance after the play ended!!
Holly relives her glory years at Preston High..go Holly go!!
The Bevans had a little something for Chance because he did such a great job in the play.
Burton showing me his "golden ticket"
What two cute little "fans"
Chance did such an awesome job in the school play.. He was the Head Oompa Loompa along with being a townsperson in other scenes of the play. This was his first play. He really enjoyed it and looks forward to next years tryouts where he would like to try for a main part. Good Job Chance
Avry is not quite sure about Chance
My ,what green hair you have..what pink cheeks you have must be an Oompa Loompa
Chances little fan base!!!
The Bevans crew with Oompa Loompa Chance

Holly and Katelyn had such a great time together while they were here.They are two pretty crazy sisters!
Mima gave the Family Home Evening lesson. The kids especially liked the story. They were such good little kids. We all had a great time together. Family time together is sooo important. I hope you are all taking time on Family Night to teach your children the gospel and hold them close to you!!
The Bevans kids were listening so intently to our family home evening lesson on the importance of families!!

Ice Cream lovers everywhere...raise your cones!

Look at that mischievious face....better watch out, Avry has that look in her eye!!!
Kris and Holly fixed us their famous "Chicken Nacho's" for lunch...mmm, mmm, good!!!

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