Friday, April 29, 2011

Number Nine grandchild is here!!!

And there he is grandchild #9 and grandson #3....Kyler Roy (named after Papa Bartlett) Hopkinson. He was born on April 25, 2011 at 12:49 p.m. He weighed 7lbs. 9 oz. and measured
19 1/2 inches long. He is a handsome little guy. When me, Joe, Chelsea, and Katelyn arrived at the hospital we found the proud dad just getting ready to bath his newborn son.

Sorry about the glare, we had to take the picture through the window.

Ky isn't really liking that bath very well but Cody is a pro by now and digs right in at the task. Cody is a great dad. He's had practice on Camdon and really is a natural at this daddy stuff.

Ky had settled down by now and was enjoying his hair being washed. Joe said he wished he could get in there and have somone scrub his hair. Sorry daddio, no can do!!!

He was all bundled up to come in and meet his Mima, Papa, and aunts Chelsea and Katelyn. Isn't he so cute. I couldn't wait to get my hands on him!! We could see he resembled his big brother Cam. Babies change so many times at first. It's going to be fun to see just how much him and Cam resemble one another.

Look at his hair! We were all surprised at how dark it was. Camdon was such a toe head that it was kind of a shock to see Ky was starting out with darker hair!! Don't you just want to munch on those soft little cheeks and that little neck. Babies are the best!!

We sure love you sweet baby boy!!!

Mom and baby were doing great. Hanna was a real trooper especially when her epidural kicked in a little late. She was not happy about that but she toughed it out. Good job Hanna. We love you and are proud of you!!

That's a proud papa as he looks over his new grandson. Payton loved Ky too. Everytime she looked at him she would chuckle and smile.

Riley was pretty happy to meet her new cousin too.

Payton was all smiles!!

The grandkids were chomping down their Easter goodies that Mima and Papa brought for them. They stayed in the waiting room while everyone took turns going in to meet Kyler.
Pictured left to right: Riley, Avry, and Burton.

Cute little Avry

The Aunts were pretty pumped to get a new nephew. I'm sure they will all take turns doing their best to spoil him...especially that one on the far left...Yea Katelyn I'm talking about you.
A little side note, Chase and Chance had to stay in Idaho when we came down. They couldn't miss school. They are pretty excited to have the number of boys increase in the family though.

Pictured R...Katelyn, Chantelle, Holly,and Chelsea.

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