Saturday, April 2, 2011

March News

Happy Birthday to Chelsea Girl
March 17, 2011..St. Patricks Day and Chelsea's 20th birthday
Smile everyone!!!
Funny Face .......
Katelyn and Chance pull out the old toy box for the kiddo's. We got to tend Brynlee and Attylee from March 13th to the 15th while Travis and Brittany went to Las Vegas for a quick gettaway.
Brynlee is in a trance
Attylee melt my heart.
Chance looks on while Brynlee plays her DS
Camdon didn't want to finish his last bite of food, but mom and dad said otherwise. Come on can do it!!!! The Cody Hopkinson family came up for a spur of the moment visit on Sat. March 12 until Sunday evening. Caleb and Haley were still here as well. We had a great time with everyone.
Do they get more handsome than this? Cody was trying out Chase's ear muffs, hoping they would block out some of the noise that always abounds at the Childers Funny Farm....nice try Code Cody and Caleb were trying to read their books but soon after were invaded. Sorry guys!
Camdons morning hair...just like daddy's Camdon is happy...he has his "beat" (blanket), the Cinderella sippy cup, and his buddy, Uncle Chance.
Katelyn, Hanna, and Chase were playing word games on the computer. Careful guys you are thinking waaaay too hard, you might hurt yourselves!

Camdon enjoys a story with Chance
We are all in deep discussion as we munch on Mike and Ikes, Starbursts, and other goodies.
Ice Cream anyone...Yum!!!!
Hayley has a unique way of eating cake and ice cream. She smooshes the cake and ice cream together , stirs and....... Wal-la..birthday smoosh!!!

Hayley wanted a yellow cake with rainbow chip got it Hay!!!!
We were able to celebrate Hayley's 24th birthday on March 10th when they came to visit.
Chance and Katelyn are at it again!!
On March 2nd Joe and I went down to check on Mimi after her heart attack, we decided to stop in and see Cody at his woodworking shop. We lucked out because Hanna and Camdon got there right after they made a quick stop at Mcdonalds. They came to have lunch with daddy!!
Camdon was sticking close to mom while he chomped down his chicken nuggets
What handsome boys!! I sure love you two!!!

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